5 Nights/6 Days

In a few nights, this itinerary allows you to experience the landscape of Ladakh actively, instead of through a car window. Raft through the Zanskar valley, hike up to a 13th-century meditation cave and bicycle along the Indus river, winding past monasteries and through Ladakhi villages.


2 Pax

From ₹35,000 per guest in Double Tent. 

From ₹40,500 per guest in Double Cabin.

From ₹44,000 per guest in Double Cottage.

4 Pax

From ₹30,500 per guest in Double Tents. 

From ₹36,000 per guest in Double Cabins.

From ₹39,500 per guest in Double Cottages.

In Short:

Day 1 - Acclimatising at Camp

Day 2 - Camel Sanctuary and Monastery Tour of the Indus Valley

Day 3 - Rafting

Day 4 - Trek to Gotsang Monastery. Cycling to Camp

Day 5 - Hemis National Park Hike

Day 6 - Depart

This itinerary is indicative and its price approximate. We tailor each to our guests' interests and send a final price.

The final amount includes all accommodation at The Indus River Camp and elsewhere, breakfast and dinners every day, as well as lunch on the first and fourth days, SUV transport to and from each destination with a trusted driver, as well as the costing for each activity. 


Guides are available on individual days, at an extra daily cost. Any extra activity or taxi journeys will be charged separately. 

We believe in transparency, with no hidden charges. We usually charge 8% commission on all costs for the organisation and preparation of your itinerary. However, here, as the guests will be staying with us for multiple days, we will only charge a 4% organisational fee, which is inclusive in the above price. 

If you would like a price cost breakdown or a stripped-down version of this itinerary, please email us at

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Day 1 - Acclimatisation

On arrival, you will be collected at the airport and transferred to The Indus River Camp.

After a greeting with your holiday manager, we will show you to your riverside room, where you can relax through the day, acclimatising to the altitude and taking in the Himalayan vista. 

In the evening, we will take you on a guided tour of the 40-acre grounds, stopping by the river for sunset, followed by a campfire under the stars. The Milky Way is visible with the naked eye on most days at camp and there's a telescope to gaze at the moon and Jupiter.

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Day 2 - The Indus Valley

An early start to witness the sunrise over Thiksey monastery. A vast monastery complex, built with earth and stone, climbs up a steep ridge of rock. Participate in the Buddhist morning prayer ceremony, after which you can take a tour of the monastery. 


Towering on the valley's other side, with views from Leh to Hemis, is the Matho monastery. Witness ongoing restoration work on 14th-century thangka paintings and manuscripts, conducted by a local and international team.

In the afternoon, take a guided walk from camp through the village of Chuchot, along the streams that meander its mud-brick homes, to the Bactrian double-humped camel sanctuary. These camels were brought to Ladakh via the Silk Route. 


Spend the rest of the day in leisurely fashion at the camp, or drive up to nearby Stok Palace, the magnificent home of the Ladakhi royal family.


Day 3 - Rafting along the Zanskar

The Zanzkar river carves a steep valley through multicolour flagstone rock from the Zanskar Valley until the confluence with the Indus river at Nimmu. In a raft, you drift and peddle through the centre of this scenery.

Rafting is available in different grades from 1 to 4. The higher grades, in season, satisfy the more adventurous, whilst the shortest raft from Tsogti to Nimmu is perfectly suitable for children.


Whichever grade you choose, the scenery is equally remarkable.


Day 4 - Hike into Hemis National Park

The Hemis National Park occupies a vast area to the west of the Indus River, dominated by the pyramidic peak of Stok Kangri (6,150 metres above sea level). It is famous for the high-density population of snow leopards, but they are camouflaged and shy in the summer. It's home to many mountain animals, such as Ibex, Blue Sheep and Mountain Weasels.


By trekking along the Zingchen river to the village of Rumbak, you are granted a view into the Hemis National Park without having to commit to a 5-7 day trek. It's a gradual ascent, with around 2-3 hours walking, until you reach Rumbak where you can stop at a remote Ladakhi home for a taste of rural hospitality.

From there, it's a leisurely walk downhill back to an awaiting car in Zingchen to return you to camp for the afternoon.

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Day 5 - Trek to Gotsang Meditation Cave and Cycle 

After breakfast, we drive to Hemis monastery, the largest monastic institution of Ladakh, of the Drukpa lineage. 


From Hemis, it's a 1-hour walk uphill the Gotsang 13th-century meditation cave called Gotsang, that is on the fringes of the Hemis National Park. For centuries, monks have been spending months at a time meditating in a building built into a rock formation. The walk takes you through dense greenery and along a path that cuts through barren, jagged rocks. 


After the walk, we bicycle back, alongside the experienced guides from mountain biking agency Unexplored Ladakh. The route takes us around the Stakna Monastery, in between Matho and Thiksey, along the Indus River and through the village of Chuchot Yokma and back to camp, where a healthy lunch will be waiting. 


Spend the rest of the day unwinding at camp amongst nature. 


Day 6 - Depart

We say farewell and take you to catch your morning flight, with a healthy breakfast to see you off.