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Across our 42 acres, there's plenty to do around camp. 

In a Day

We've created a collection of daily itineraries designed to highlight the best of Leh in a day. Depending on your interests or your mood, we'll arrange a day of activities easily reached from the camp. From a walking tour taking in the best markets and museums to a downhill cycle tour of Buddhist monasteries. These can be booked prior to your visit or arranged on arrival at camp. 


Rise and shine with a morning yoga session, designed for all abilities and practiced out in the elements with the Indus River and Himalayas as the backdrop. Not only a great way to start your day, but we’ll aim to battle any possible effects of altitude by increasing oxygen in the body as well as opening up joints and muscles for the days hike or cycle. 

You can also arrange a private class or workshop with our teacher. Perfect your sun salutations or breathing techniques with a one on one session. 

Cycling Tour

We work with Unexplored Ladakh, a boutique adventure cycle company, and have created the Hemis and Indus River Cycle Tour to highlight the best of the Indus Valley in a day. Starting with a forest hike to the 12th century Gotsang Monastery, back through to the rural village of Chuchot, and ending at Spituk Monastery, this walking and cycling route can be completely customised to suit each cyclist. Choose between a secluded picnic or lunch back at the Indus Valley Restaurant.

There are many other trips available, within a day, or stretching out for longer through the Sham Valley or Dha/Hanu.


The enduring image of Ladakh is the Royal Enfield, the Easy Rider of the Himalayas, parked on a dust-buttered road with great peaks and lakes colouring the background. 

We can arrange for bikes to be delivered to camp so that you drive up to Nubra Valley passing Khardung La, the world's highest motorable road, to Pangong lake or anywhere that you please - roads in all directions leads to magnificent vistas and adventures. 


Trekking in Ladakh ought to be on any traveller's bucket list. In every hike the shifting scenery unfurls itself at every viewpoint as if it were a gallery of the world's most beautiful sights. 

Surrounded by towering pine trees and lush green snow-capped mountains, you might feel as if you are in Switzerland. A climb over a mountain and the scenery reloads into an arid landscape with jagged rocks, clumps of mud that cling to the hill face, resilient bushes growing up from the dust - the cinematic language of the Wild West or the Great Outback. A short walk over a hill from here delivers you a panorama of vivid green grass and crystal blue lakes where you could be in Scotland or New Zealand.

Hike up Stok Kangri  (6,200 metres above sea level) from our camp and immerse yourself in the dizzying beauty of the Himalayas. We organise many treks through our sister travel agency Luna Ladakh, varying in terrain and difficulty. For those wishing to totally escape modern society, there is the famous 21 day trek ending on full moon in Lamayuru with its moonlike craters and pockmarked earth.

For a list of treks, please contact us on


Explore Ladakh in a different and more adventurous way by rafting along the river that carves up the multicolour flagstone rocks of the Zanskar valley. 


 The water is cold and silty flowing down from the melting glaciers of the Himalayas. The trip ends at the confluence of Zanskar and Indus in Nimo, where the two colours of each river meet and combine into one. 

Camel Sanctuary

Take a walk from camp, through the quiet village of Chuchot, to visit the camel sanctuary, a long running project which cares for and re-homes the Bactrian Double Humped Camels, a species which until recently, had nearly disappeared from the area. Spend a morning or afternoon learning about the project, feeding the animals and even going for a short ride.


Spend the evening under the moon and the stars by the campfire or let us set up the telescope for some celestial entertainment. At 3,200 metres above sea level, in the Himalayas and away from major urban areas, the sky is as clear as you will ever find it.

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