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Our camp is 40 acres of natural space, most of which is kept natural for wildlife. It is home to a family of Himalayan Red Foxes, Mountain Weasels, Pikas, as well as a large variety of migratory birds. 

Aarhan, a fantastic local birding guide (his instagram page is here), conducts birding and wildlife tours of the camp and surrounding areas. He also arranges longer trips

In order: Himalayan Red Fox (not a bird! but frequently visible at camp), Purple Heron (First sighting in Ladakh at the camp!), Kite, Citrine Wagtail, Common Rosefinch, Chukar Patridge, Snow Pigeon, Oriental Turtle Dove, Bluethroat

Cost - 2,500 Rupees for Guide

We also have a spotting scope, binoculars and birding list for free at camp


Relax your mind and body with morning yoga sessions, conducted by the Indus River.

Group sessions: 800 INR per person

Private Sessions are available for 1,400 INR


In Ladakh, the sky is so clear that the milky way is visible with the naked eye. Our campsite, away from the city and its lights, is the ideal place to watch for shooting stars, space stations and the planets. 

Enjoy the warmth of a campfire under the stars,  before checking out the moon's craters up close through the camp telescope. 

Cost - Free of Charge