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A Ladakhi Lady at a Cultural Show in Leh

At the Indus River Camp, we offer our guests opportunities to experience Ladakhi cultural traditions and the warm, joyous spirit of its people. Our proximity to local festivals provides a window into the region's Buddhist prayers, cultural teachings, masked dances, sacred rituals, and mythical battles between good and evil.

While the famous Hemis Festival is a popular tourist attraction, we encourage our guests to explore lesser-known, remote festivals for a more authentic experience of Ladakhi culture. In the Zanskar Valley, the Karsha and Sani monastery festivals offer a rare glimpse into a region largely untouched by tourism. However, with an impending road project, the time to visit is now to witness this unique culture before it changes.

Alternatively, the Korzok Gustor festival set against a picturesque high-altitude lake and monastery showcases Ladakhi culture in a breathtaking setting. Closer to our camp, the Sindhu Dharshan festival, held during the first full moon of June, honors the life-giving Indus (Sindhu) river and its role in uniting the people of India.

Finally, in our local village of Chuchot, the annual Ladakh Polo Festival celebrates the region's traditional sports of Polo and Archery. As modern sports like cricket and football gain popularity, these time-honoured activities, along with Ice Hockey, continue to thrive among the Ladakhi youth.

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