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All the below photos were taken at The Indus River Camp.

An Illustration of a Eurasian Hoopoe in Ladakh

The Indus River Camp is located in an area that Otto Pfister, prominent naturalist and author, calls a "must for any birdwatcher in Ladakh"

It is 40 acres of natural space, with minimal disruption to the wildlife. We are building a birding hide for 2022 and are looking at other options to protect the wildlife of the land. 

The camp is home to Himalayan Foxes, Mountain Weasels,  Golden Orioles, Bluethroats, Ibisbill, Citrine Wagtails, Oriental Turtle Doves and Grey Herons, amongst others. 

You can find more information about our campsite and rooms above. Feel free to drop us an email on with any questions. If you'd like to book a stay with us, you can do so here.

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