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Lunch  - 1,000 rupees 

Dinner - 1,250 rupees

This includes 18% GST.  

In order to serve the best and freshest food, we serve a fixed menu for lunch and dinner, taking into account our guests' dietary requirements. Breakfast is a-la-carte. 

Please see below for more information.

seabuckthorn dessert 2
sourdough and jam 2
Green Salad
fruit bowl
butter chicken
apricot dessert
Ladakhi Apricots
Fresh vegetables
Cheese, garlic and chilli naan
Orange and almond cake with homemade plum jam and vanilla butter cream 2
Chapati making
Sourdough Bread
Saffron Pastel de Natas
Plum & apple gallette
Filled kambir bread
Cherry heart pies

Why do we serve set menu for lunch and dinner?

We prioritise quality over quantity and our kitchen ethos is Fresh Is Best.

As a boutique property with a small kitchen and a maximum of 16 guests, it would be impossible to offer a buffet or a-la-carte service that ensured that every item was freshly prepared and cooked to the standard that we aspire to.


Therefore, we create a set menu that changes daily, focussing on what is fresh in the market and our guests' dietary requirements.  Over the season, no two menus are exactly the same. We describe our kitchen as a 'home kitchen' and not a 'restaurant kitchen' and try to reduce food waste as much as possible.


We kindly request that guests inform us in the morning whether they will be eating lunch and/or dinner with us and regrettably last-minute menu requests and changes are usually not possible.

What does a typical menu look like?


Lunch consists of 2 courses - a vegetarian main course and a dessert. 

Dinner is 3 courses, with a starter, a choice of vegetarian or non-vegetarian main and dessert. 

We cook a range of Indian dishes and often focus on lesser known regional recipes. An indian main course will be made up of at least 4 dishes and will be served with rice, roti and/or papad.


We also serve continental main courses for example pasta with freshly made sauce, garden salads or a classic chicken and mushroom pie with filo pastry. Our desserts are a mixture of traditional french treats and indian and english classics. Think fresh apricot tart, south indian banana fritters or sticky toffee pudding.


On our breakfast a-la-carte menu there are items such as masala omelettes, pancakes, sourdough bread with homemade jam, aloo parathas and homemade granola with fresh fruit and curd amongst other tasty options. All served alongside a range of teas and coffee sourced within India.

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