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Two Local Ladies Working in The Kitchen of The Indus River Camp in Ladakh

The Indus River Camp is owned by the Indus Welfare Society, a local organisation of Buddhist villagers from the village of Chuchot Yokma,  3 of whom fashioned the camp as it is today. 

We operate the Indus River Camp as a family and run the camp on principles of equality. We ask our guests remain polite to staff and other guests, regardless of nationality, caste and religion.  


In the midst of this area of natural vegetation and with minimum disruption to the land,  we have managed to find sympathetic space for a stay in several rooms,  activities and a dining hall. Many small animals and birds depend on the land. We strive to keep in harmony with the wildlife.

We do not use plastic bottles for water. We serve our guests' fresh spring water. For toiletries, we have refillable shampoo and shower gel containers. 

Running a kitchen in Ladakh requires goods that come in single-use plastic. It's tempting, as a hotel, to throw around words like sustainable, eco-friendly and plastic-free without any thought to their actual meaning. 

We try to be transparent in our attempts to be sustainable, and honest where it's not as easy as it seems, or where we need improvement.

We welcome and encourage any help or suggestions to how we can improve our camp in this regard. 

To understand more about the environmental challenges that Leh faces with increased tourism, please read this article

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