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The Villa is our largest, most secluded accommodation, offering the most private spot in our 40-acre land. It is not riverside - it's a 5 minutes walk to the river

A comfortable bedroom, large living room, kitchen and bathroom make up 1,100 square feet of space. 

The bathroom comes with a bathtub and a washing machine. The living area has a fully equipped kitchen with a fridge. Large, comfy sofas and a dining table adorn the living space

The villa looks out onto the Himalayan range and has a private pond. We have a wildlife scope to look out for birds and other wildlife, a library and lots of free space. 

The villa is totally off-grid, powered by solar electricity and solar water heaters. 


These rates include a GST tax of 18% and free breakfast. To see meal prices and information about the food, click here.

Single - 19,000

Double - 19,800


Extra bed will be charged 20% of the double occupancy rate.

A child without an extra bed will be charged 10% of the double occupancy rate.

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